CanCan Wine

01 — Project details

I collaborated with Duidelik Digital to create content, write copy and manage various clients' social media pages.

CanCan Wine was one of the first South African canned wine brands and needed to establish itself in a traditionalist market. I was tasked to come up with clever captions, ideate competitions, create content and manage their account.

02 — Challenge

Marketing canned wine poses its fair share of challenges, from challenging tradition to educating consumers about the convenience and quality of canned wine.

The main challenge was defining the right target audience and convincing the sceptics. Secondly, the founders had a tight budget, and we had to get creative with photoshoots and influencer and PR campaigns.

03 — Creative process

With a strategic approach and a compelling brand story, it was an exciting opportunity to reshape the traditional wine experience. Most of my content promoted a fun, active lifestyle focused on convenience and sustainability.

I included interactive polls and made sure posts were catchy as well as informative.

Social Media Copy

Caption 1

We've been searching everywhere - high and low, up and down, above and beyond and we still cannot find a reason why you should not put wine in a can😂😜

Caption 2

Nothing better than a cold glass of rosé on a sunny day and nothing more disappointing than realising you forgot to chill it… Luckily those troubles are over. Need to literally "chill for a sec?"
Here's how:
❄️ Towel Wrap and freeze: Wrap your CanCan in a damp paper towel and place it in the freezer. In just a few minutes, you'll be able to peel off the towel, and your pop will be chilled.
❄️ Ice Bath with Salt: Adding salt to the ice bath lowers the freezing point of the water and makes it colder quicker!
You can thank us later 😜

Caption 3

A pocket full of Cancan - or is it star shine?
Same thing 💫😉
🛒: link in bio!

Interactive polls to boost engagement

We managed to build a strong online presence and a loyal brand following in one year.