Günther Oliver Skin

01 — Project details

My client is the owner of a boutique skincare clinic that specialises in high-end treatments and products. His only marketing is through Instagram (and word of mouth, naturally). I am responsible for the design direction, copy, and content creation for The Skin Medic Instagram and Facebook pages.

02 — Creative process

The page is authentic, informative and inspirational - Reflective of my client's personality. I change and mould the look and feel as his business evolves, keeping the page fresh and relevant throughout the seasons.

03 — Notes

The brand personality is a reflection of his own. Think professional, yet relaxed and exclusive, yet relatable.

The content is educational, authentic and authoritative. I sometimes add snippets of his irreverent humour.

The target audience is women aged 25-40 who prioritise their self-care. He also has a big following among his peers and is seen as an authority in the South African skincare industry.

Popular Posts & Reels

Reel showcasing the salon, referred to as The Skin Suite
Static post with appreciation caption to keep the messaging personal
Custom designed stories to reflect client's humour

Art Direction and Styling

I conceptualise and direct all content photoshoots for a fresh image bank every season.

I recently (May 2023) introduced more reels to increase following and engagement.


increase in total followers over 30 days


increase in accounts engaged over 30 days


accounts reached in 30 days